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angel42day started this conversation
I am a nurse who has become very ill I feel as though I'm being punished for being sick I need help
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angel42day   in reply to Osulei
Ty for your kind words I miss working so much I was a dialysis nurse 15yrs it's hard I'm about to start calling churches today I really appreciate all the prayers
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Hi Angel I understand how you feel but God does not punish us and no matter how bad we feel you have to focus on how loved you are.Positive thoughts help our bodies fight almost anything. Think of all the people you have helped to heal. You are a beautiful treasure. It take some very special to work in nursing. You do most of the work take a lot of orders and often do the hardest work when many people are there worst because of pain and illness with very little to none of the credit. Thank you for all of your kindness and sacrifices. I do not have money to help but I will put you in my prayers.
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